Feral Worlds

Feral Worlds are tough places to survive. Whether living in a steaming, death-filled jungle or upon the burning sands of a desert planet, man has reverted to a more primitive existence, living in tribes without much care for technology or the soft-living ways of so called “civilised folk”.

Feral Worlds are amongst the most primitive of populated worlds in the Imperium, partly due to the environment and partly because they have long been out of touch with the rest of the Imperium. These planets often have a technological base that is pre-gunpowder, possibly even Stone Age, and the inhabitants have descended into savagery. When a feral world lies in a warzone, the Imperial Guard may supplement the natives’ armaments and train them in the use of the Lasgun, Heavy Stubber, and other basic weapons. Despite a rudimentary understanding of such weapons, feral worlders have no concept of how to manufacture or maintain them.

Like all worlds brought back into the Emperor’s rule, feral worlds are controlled by a planetary governor. In many cases, this ruler governs his planet from orbit, travelling to the surface only to establish purges of psychic talent and mutation. Religious deviancy is rife on feral worlds, especially amongst the warrior cults, and vigilance is a necessity. However, governors in charge of feral worlds are often under close scrutiny, frequently under suspicion of “going native”. With some feral world tribes, people cling to beliefs other than the God-Emperor. These have often been modified by the Ecclesiarchy or brutally stamped out. Heretical cults are constantly hunted down by the authorities and feral worlds are a haven for such heretics.

The inhabitants of feral worlds are strong, hardy people, who disdain weakness and often band together in tribal warrior clans. The survivalist mentality and physical prowess of feral worlders makes these planets good recruiting grounds for the Imperial Guard or even the Space Marines. Sometimes removing a feral worlder from their familiar environment will be an unnerving experience for them, and their primitive mind will be unable to cope with basic knowledge such as space travel. Those who break are often put out of their misery, and even those who make it out into the wider Imperium often keep many of the tribal traits and traditions. Sometimes these can be incredibly useful but sometimes these traditions can appear to be strange affectations or social hindrances, such as insisting to wear the bones of dead comrades, spitting whenever a Psyker uses a power, or applying war paint before a mission.

Feral Worlder Skills:

All feral worlders can speak the tongue of their homeworld. Feral Worlders gain Speak Language (Tribal Dialect) (Int) Skill.

Feral Worlder Traits:

Iron Stomach: You gain a +10 Bonus to Carouse (T) Skill Tests made to resist the effects of ingested toxins, poison or tainted food. This bonus applies to tests made to consume unusual or unpleasent meals as well as tests to resist throwing up.

Primitive: You take a -10 Penalty on Tech Use (Int) Skill and a -10 Penalty to Fellowship Tests made in formal or civilised surrondings.

Rite of Passage: You may spend a Full Action to make an Intelligence Test to staunch Blood Loss . On success, you manage to stop the bleeding.

Wilderness Savy: Navigation (Surface) (Int), Survival (Int), and Tracking (Int) count as Basic Skills for feral worlders.

Feral Worlds

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